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The essentials for your business, small and large

Digital Road Agency puts at your disposal 3 very useful IT solutions in order to facilitate the management of your daily operations and to maximize effectiveness and efficiency within your entity


For your stock management, Digital Road Agency uses the NetStock solution, an online application to better manage company stocks. Accessible from any location with an internet connection, it provides companies with an overview of the exact location of goods, including when they enter and leave. This solution in Saas mode allows you to save up to 70% of IT costs as no installation is required. Among its advantages: real-time stock visibility, avoiding stock shortages and overstocking.


iKentoo is the ideal intuitive solution offered by Digital Road Agency to manage your cash registers. It is a management solution for high volume restaurants, chains, groups and franchises. Easy to use and with fully customizable options, it allows you to manage all your flows in one click, making it an advantageous solution thanks to its adaptability and intuitive nature. With iKentoo: there are no additional hidden fees, no long term commitment needed from the customer, you save time and money.


As a human resources management tool, Digital Road Agency puts Skello at your disposal, the number one tool to simplify planning and payroll management. This tool will enable you to manage schedules, communicate in real time with your teams, process payroll automatically and manage activity at several points of sale. Among its advantages: it takes into account all rules and constraints, whether legal or structural, it optimizes the creation of schedules, offers the possibility to exchange shifts between employees, providing considerable time savings. Skello's promise is to free up your time so that you can concentrate on the essence of your business.

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