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Architecture d'intérieur

Interior design: your solution for a pleasant and aesthetic arrangement

The job of the interior architect:

An Interior Architect is a professional who takes care of the development and restructuring of interior spaces (residential, commercial, industrial or institutional spaces).

The interior architects can work with professionals (restaurants, hotels, offices, shops, etc.) as well as with individuals (apartments and houses)

They reconsider several elements of the interior by playing with the volumes, the space design, the colors, the furniture and the materials put in place to make the space pleasant, aesthetic and functional while taking into account technical constraints and standards.

The main tasks performed by the interior architect are:

  • The state of the art: the interior architect first asks about the existing state of the space on the different aspects as well as the expectations and needs of the client
  • Space design: after analyzing the space and being aware of customer expectations and existing constraints , the interior architects design previews and descriptions called preliminary sketches of their proposal for development or reconstruction of the space
  • Drawing plans: at this level, the interior architect begins to detail his design and develop a work plan with the drawings, cuts, elevations and 3D of the project in detail, as well as the choice of colors, materials, furniture and lighting
  • The realization of the project: once the project of the interior architect is validated by the client, he conducts several tenders in order to choose the stakeholders who will intervene according to the size of the project (plumbers, electricians, colorists, engineers, etc.) and manages, pilot and monitors the project.

There is often confusion between the interior architect and the decorator.

Indeed, the interior architect exercises tasks beyond those of the decorators.

It is true that it can play the role of the latter but it can also take charge of modifying the structure of the space to adapt it to the needs, it is capable of

– Redefining the way partitions fit together

– Remove walls

– Measure the area

– Search for materials

– Manage administrative processes

Why use an interior architect:

To carry out a project for the development, reorganization or restructuring of interior spaces, both aesthetically and functionally…

Using an interior architect is the best choice to take advantage of many assets:

The first advantage is the expertise brought back by this architect to implement a project that takes into account the needs and desires expressed by the client while taking into account technical and budgetary constraints,

In addition, the interior architect in case of need suggests several project proposals that respond to the same request of the client, which gives several alternative design solutions which the client can choose which one satisfies him the most

Thus, thanks to his knowledge of applied arts and his network of partners, the interior architect is able to find equipment and materials best suited to the needs and tastes of the customers.

Another asset to mention is the fact of optimizing costs and mastering perfectly the different parameters of the budget,

Since it always works in collaboration with different partners, this allows it to significantly reduce the costs of realization by offering its customers advantageous prices for the best possible renovation.

And since the interior architect is also responsible for the administrative process, coordination between the various stakeholders as well as monitoring and surveillance…

It also saves time and ensures that the work complies with the various plans.

How to choose an interior architect for your development project?

It is clear at this level that the accompaniment by an interior architect for the arrangement of an interior space is so important,

However, the choice of this professional is not obvious enough at first.

In fact, it is necessary to rely on several criteria in order to choose it well because that what it defines mainly the nature , quality and project success.

The qualifications:

The majority are often mistaken in their choice of the interior architect , and this is due to the fact that there are several people offering similar services without having this title.

It is several times the decorators or coaches in decorations and not the interior architects

That’s why, you have to check the qualifications and know that a specialist in this trade obtains this title «interior architect» after a training of 5 years after obtaining the baccalaureate.

Thus, it is often affiliated with associations of interior architects, notably recognized by the French Council of Interior Architects (CFAI)

The experience:

Previous experiences of the interior architect on similar projects should be taken into account

This is the most important criterion that allows to have a primary idea on his abilities and ability to carry out the project as well as his way of working and the quality of his service .

Consult the portfolio of the interior architect and the various works carried out by the specialist.

It is also strongly advised to consult the opinions of former clients of the architect in order to know their degree of satisfaction with the proposed solutions and the work carried out.

This will allow us to realize if the architect has the necessary skills to realize the client’s vision in the best possible way

The insurance offered:

In this respect, it is necessary to ensure that the interior architect has taken out the necessary insurance to carry out the project under the best possible conditions,

It will then be necessary to ensure the availability of these guarantees and insurance before choosing the provider.

This includes 10-years insurance to cover the cost of repairs for a period of 10 years in connection with construction defects that have caused significant damage

It is also the professional liability insurance that guarantees the liability of the professional when there is damage caused to a third party in the course of his activity.

The prices:

It is so important to consider the take proposed by the various interior architects before making the choice.

The prices charged by these providers refer to the architect’s reputation and his experience and achievements.

Therefore, it is necessary to define the project and the budget available and allocated to the works and to seek to make the optimum choice by balancing with the possibilities of the prices proposed by the architects and the budgetary availabilities.


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